About Foko Field

CPGs and brands face an uphill battle when it comes
to in-store execution.

You have a limited number of reps in the field to report on execution across points of sale, and they (and you) waste a lot of time on spreadsheets, phone calls and wading through email threads.

There must be an easier way, right?

Foko Field was created to simplify how you manage
field operations, collect store audit data and
communicate with team members in the field.

We built Foko Field around a
few key beliefs.

Software shouldn’t be cumbersome or hard to use
Foko Field requires little-to-no training, because it is modelled on the social platforms your team already uses. Foko Field is intuitive to navigate and boasts sky high engagement - over 90% of Foko Field users login every day (not to toot our own horn or anything, but that’s higher than Facebook!)
The future is mobile
Foko Field is a mobile-first platform, so that your team can connect from anywhere, on any device. We know that your reps are always on the go, but that folks at head office might prefer to login via web. Whether you’re on an iPad, desktop or phone, we’ve got you covered.
Better data collection = better execution
Foko Field helps you gather detailed analytics on store audit surveys, so you can make data-informed decisions. From collecting intel on store space, to identifying areas of weakness and verifying compliance, you can measure and manage it all with Foko Field.

We’d love to chat about how we can help your team better manage what’s going on in-store.

Drop us a line to book a quick walkthrough.